gAntoine Revoy's ANIMUS evokes memories of
Otomo's DOMU, with its beautiful drawings, keen sense of place,
and air of mystery, filled with both menace and wonder.
Depicting the small moments of Hisao and Sayuri's
friendship, and the surreal and supernatural with equal
adroitness, Revoy brings the reader along on a fantastical yet
intimate journey filled with light and darkness.h

Eisner award-winning author of The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye

gAt once a haunting love letter to Japanese comics
and a deliciously creepy mystery, ANIMUS is
a stunning debut novel.h

Award-winning illustrator of REAL FRIENDS, THE PRINCESS IN BLACK

g[…] Although this is a ghost story, the spookiness is well-balanced with endearing moments of friendship, and there is beauty in the way the characters help each other change and develop. The Japanese-style black-and-white illustrations have sharp lines and detail, creating an alluring, eerie world. They capture emotions and evoke sounds, making readers feel as if they are in a real ghost story. The narrative and illustrations work together seamlessly to create mysteries that are baffling yet intriguing.

An eerie graphic novel mystery that is bewildering and unnerving in the best way possible.h


gThe art is fantastic. Plain and simple. […] Antoine Revoyfs debut graphic novel tells a deep and intelligent tale for those willing to spend time with it. It is a faithful homage to both manga and bandes dessinees without losing the power those art styles have on their stories. Prepare yourself to think—and feel—for ANIMUS is not for the faint of heart.h

Score: 97%

—Jeremiah Johnston, COMICSVERSE

gRaised in Paris and Tokyo, Antoine Revoyfs illustrations bend styles and influences into staggering portraits of the surreal and hypnagogic. […] Revoyfs work unveils complex shades of Moebius and old-school Manga, yet holds a precision and clarity that transcends borders.h

Excerpt from Antoine Revoy interview on PASTE MAGAZINE

g[…] A must-read for anyone invested in the next generation of horror hounds.h


gFull of haunting turns and lingering images, ANIMUS plumbs the terrors
of unfinished business, big and small.h

New York Times-best selling author of SPILL ZONE

g[…] it warms my heart to see this graphic novel based in Japan with an all-Japanese cast of characters. […] I love how dark and macabre this is for a young adult book. It's not even graphic in its description, but the drawings add to the feel of something sinister.h

—Kate Krug, BOOK RIOT

gUnsettling, weird and beautiful as only fairy tales can be.h

New York Times-best selling artist of SPILL ZONE

gANIMUS is a creepy mishmash of horror, crime procedural, and maybe fairy tale. […] The look at Japanese culture is interesting, the mood wondrous and chilling, and the art both lush and full of character. And just when you think the cute, precocious nature of the kids will carry the book home,'re in for a surprise. Highly original and well done.h

Score: 8.5/10


gThe artwork is outstanding. […] Itfs a pleasure to look at, as the talented Revoy is able to pull off nice landscapes and decomposing zombies without there being a clash in style. […] I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it if for no other reason than to have someone to discuss the ending with.h

Score: 9/10


g[…] Revoyfs otherworldly adventure moves quickly, but his succinct storytelling keeps readers on track with essential details. Both the contemporary and historical elements of the storyfs setting come to life in the manga-style art. Revoy makes effective use of thin outlines, cross-hatching, and dramatic, blacked-out backgrounds to create a spooky atmosphere for this mysterious, macabre tale.h


g[…] This unnerving tale successfully turns a playground into a realm of horrors, where slides and swings are more than just playthings. The childrenfs world is front and center; adults arenft very helpful, so itfs up to the kids to put things right. The manga-style black-and-white artwork serves the narrative well, going from charming to frightening and keeping the chills coming until the very end. A wonderfully creepy graphic novel thatfs just right for fans of Hiroshi Takahashi and Misao Inagakifs The Ring or other scary manga.h


g[…] Revoy is a talented illustrator and author, and it shows in this particular work, even as the narrative itself becomes (at times) slightly convoluted. The stark pen-and-ink artwork takes full advantage of shadow and black, nighttime backgrounds to accentuate dark versus light, mirroring the tensions between good and evil in the overarching narrative. The child protagonists are captivating, and they will entice young readers eager to unravel the mysteries of the playgroundfs supernatural tendencies.h